Join the Organizer's Mental Wellness Network

Are you a trained practitioner? Join us on our mission to offer emotional regulation to organizers and front line workers in the community who are handling crisis situations.


When crisis occurs there are people in the community who spring into the front lines of action to help those in need. Front line workers are exposed to high impact situations that often create high levels of stress in the body. Due to the nature of a crisis, the need for help comes in back to back waves, often leaving the workers handling them without an opportunity to re-regulate their emotional systems.


This network has been created to serve front line workers in need. We are here to de-escalate and provide emotional resource to the organizers who are actively in service. When our front line workers are resourced and stable, they are able to maintain their well-being while in service, and this in turn enables them to show up steadily and readily at each service point.


We would love to have you join this network and serve front line workers if you meet the following qualifications:

  • You are trained in a mental wellness and somatic modality.
  • You can bring someone from a not okay emotional place to a stable, resourced place.
  • You have been in practice for at least 1 year.
  • You understand that this is a volunteer effort.

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