Introduction to

Trauma Resolution

Training Details

  • Defining trauma

    We will clarify a working definition of trauma that holds both the experience of it, its impact and its larger role in the human experience.

  • Fundamentals of Integration

    There are basic ingredients that must be present in order for trauma to integrate or be resolved. These fundamentals transcend modality and technique. Understanding them gives you the freedom to improvise.

  • Live Demonstration

    This training is experiential in addition to theoretical. We will be practicing together as a group and their will be space for a volunteer to go deep and resolve a trauma.

  • Group Discussion

    Throughout the training there will be opportunities to ask questions and share insights. Make the training personal and relevant to the way that trauma shows up in your practice.

This training not only gave me the tools to help my clients safely get close to and move through their trauma, it also taught me to resource myself and notice how stress is showing up in my body.

Jayne Anahata